Style Archetypes Part 3

We've surveyed six of the seven archetypes outlined by Andrea Pflaumer in her book, Shopping for the Real You: 

  • Dramatic
  • Natural
  • High-Spirited
  • Classic
  • Romantic
  • Youthful
  • Angelic

In this last instalment we'll look at the last one (Angelic) plus some possible combinations. 


The angelic type prefers:

  • Tie dye, iridescent, and ombré hues
  • Cotton voile, chiffon, very fine knits
  • angora, mohair, feathers
  • layered, flowing pieces; asymmetrical hems; palazzo pants; kimono sleeves
  • rose gold, pink pearls, mother of pearl, opal, delicate or intricate metalwork
  • macramé or mesh bags and shoes/sandals; fluffy, shearling-lined boots

Think: New Age, Atlantis / 60s flower child / Claire Bowen's character Scarlett O'Connor on Nashville / some of Phoebe's costumes on Friends


After going through all of the seven archetypes, you might very well find that more than one resonates with you. Pflaumer has this to say: "Remember, each of these descriptions is simply an archetype, a single note, and not the symphony that you are." She then lists a few possible combinations:

Androgynous: Natural + Classic (menswear + sexy styling)


Avant-Garde: Dramatic + Classic

Bohemian: Romantic + Natural

Exotic: Dramatic + Romantic (held back and mysterious)

Femme Fatale: Dramatic + (even more) Romantic

Goth: Dramatic + Angelic (slightly otherworldly and dark)


Girly: Youthful + Romantic 

Minimalist: Classic + Dramatic (reverse proportions of Avant-Garde)

Rock and Roll: Dramatic + High Spirited + a dash of Romantic

Rock and Roll

Sporty: Classic + Natural (Preppy)

Vintage: Angelic + Romantic 

 As you've probably realized, there are as many possibilities as there are people. The key is to recognize and understand all the facets of your body and your personality to create a look that is harmonious, integrated and uniquely yours.

May this be for all of us the start of a fascinating and exciting journey!