Wear your heritage

Young woman in white Filipino traditional dress
Photo by Roland Hechanova via Unsplash


I've been looking at so many images of clothing these days, not to mention handling clothing, steaming, pressing, photographing, getting them ready for sale. Today something made me stop and realize that while some of these things had been made in the Philippines, none of them is actually a Philippine-designed or Philippine-style garment. Except for some pearl jewelry and a solitary brass bracelet, I actually have nothing in my own wardrobe that speaks to my heritage.

Why was this suddenly top of mind? Maybe because I knew that this evening I was going to attend an online writing workshop organized by Cambio & Co., with the purpose of exploring Filipino identity. It got me thinking how out of touch I've become with Philippine fashion—along with many other things related to my native country.

So, a few resolutions: try to become more connected with the Filipino fashion community, learn more about the history and evolution of eastern as well as western styles, and share some of that knowledge here on Mirror, Mirror.

Here are some discoveries I made today:

  • Fashionable Filipinas: A chronicle of Filipiniana garments through the ages
  • Four Cranes: A clothing brand started by 2 sisters; I really love the classic, feminine lines in their designs
  • Two brands that focus on sustainability by using scrap fabric to create things that are both beautiful and useful:

Finally, a word on Cambio & Co—this Canadian-founded company started out as an advocate for Philippine artisans and they are constantly branching out in new, creative and interesting ways. I love watching their growth, and growing along with them. Check them out if you want to acquire a piece of Filipiniana that is both authentic and ethical, or if you just want to learn more about the culture. Their website is packed with eye candy as well as food for thought.