Welcome to Mirror, Mirror

Photo: Taylor Smith via Unsplash


Having a blog was part of my vision for this retail site from the start. I'm discovering so much richness in this world of garments and textiles and the designs that marry them to each other. And it feels really good to put my blogging hat back on (abandoned and unworn for several years) and have something to say again!

I'm calling this blog Mirror, Mirror because

  1. It ties in with the "closet" imagery;
  2. It will revolve around the topic of getting dressed, and as all women know, mirrors—in particular, full-length mirrors—are essential; and
  3. The mirror, and our images in it, is powerfully symbolic and rich with meaning.

I'm at a stage in my life where I'm finally learning to be friends with my reflection. I would like to think that with the work I'm doing here, I'm helping some of you become friends with yours, as well.