How to incorporate vintage clothing into your everyday wardrobe

row of vintage dresses on mannequins

If you have just started dipping your toe into shopping and dressing vintage, here are some tips and tricks to help incorporate vintage pieces into your everyday wardrobe:

1) Start out with garments that look like contemporary styles, or with classic pieces that have never gone out of fashion. A few examples: camel coats, trench coats, A-line skirts, cashmere sweaters, silky blouses, and of course, little black dresses.

2) Try wearing a vintage top with a modern skirt, or vice versa. Also use modern accessories. 

3) You could also try wearing a vintage accessory with a more modern outfit. For example, a pair of brightly coloured 80s earrings or pumps with your favourite blue jeans or cocktail dress.

3) Know thyself—your measurements, and which styles and silhouettes are most flattering on you.

4) Make sure your vintage item is a perfect fit. Your neighbourhood tailor or seamstress can help you out with this!

5) If you yourself are skilled at sewing or know someone who is, you might try up-cycling a piece that is flawed in some minor way (for example, a stain or a rip), or is unflattering, or not a good fit. For example, a too-long 70s maxi dress could be converted into a skirt, or a blazer with too-tight sleeves could be turned into a vest by cutting off said sleeves. (I did this recently, and am very happy with the result.)

6) As you become more adept at styling yourself in vintage, try mixing pieces from different eras. 

I think the most important thing is, if you put together a look that feels comfortable and right, then wear it with aplomb and confidence. The best part about wearing a vintage piece—or any piece of clothing, for that matter—is that you can put your own creative stamp on it and make it a true expression of your own unique style and personality.